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Lily The Book Fairy


The Book Fairy™ is the first in a series of books and characters designed to inspire the next generation of readers.  Lily, the Book Fairy™ is an enchanting character that lives in our homes, libraries and schools.  Her job is to help children develop a lifelong passion for books so that they may access the joy and benefits of reading everyday.



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The Book:

Learn how a young girl named Lily becomes the Book Fairy™. Follow her adventures as she makes sure every child on earth has a book to read with the help of her very special fairy dress.

Lily, The Book Fairy

Once you know her story, watch as Lily’s magical dress comes to life! Set the Book Fairy™ figurine by your child’s favorite reading place where she’ll light up when it’s time to read or twinkle to let you know Lily is on her way with a new book (as chosen and provided to the child by parents, teachers, or librarians)!


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Lily The Book Fairy – The Book Fairy